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Project Wicked Stangs:

Wicked Stangs Mustang Club decided to make a dream come true and develop a project drag car.  The original idea was to take a fox body mustang and build a 302 for the track.  As minds melted and ideas were thrown on the table, Wicked Stangs turned the corner and reached for the stars.  We decided to install a 4V DOHC Cobra engine into the fox.  The project started to come together when our generous members donated $1500 dollars for an 1988 LX.  The car was missing the engine and transmission, however is was loaded with many extras to include:
"        UPR Rear Suspension
"        Full Roll Cage
"        Tubular K Member
"        Tubular A Arms
"        Drag Shocks
"        Subframe Connectors
"        Aeromotive 1000 Fuel Pump
"        Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Wicked Stangs next adventure was to find an engine for the project car.  An unfortunate meeting between a tree and a 1995 MK VIII provided us a donor engine and transmission.  After cutting away the damage, the wiring harnesses, computer, engine, and transmission were removed from the donor car.  To add some style, the local junkyard provided an intake from a 1997 Lincoln LSC and a  hydrabooster braking system from a 2002 Mustang GT.  The project is now in the mock-up stage and we predict completion in June 2009.  To assist in getting this unique project car down the road, here is a list of components to get Wicked Stangs to the track and into the future:
"        Fuel Rails for 4.6 Liter DOHC
"        Supercharger Kit
"        NOS Kit
"       Gauges (Boost, Fuel, Oil, Water…etc.)
"        Gauge panels/towers
"        Tachometer with shifting light
"        Rear wing assembly
"        Shift Kit for a C4 transmission
"        Racing Seat
"        Racing Harness
"        Drag Slicks
"        Drag Wheels
"        Drive Shaft (aluminum or carbon fiber)

The entire development of the project car will be documented on this page and also in Wicked Stangs online magazine.  Each of our sponsors, already included is JBA and Trufiber Hoods, will be advertised on the car, in the magazine and on our website.  Currently, the website is receiving over 800,000 hits per month.  Our expanding membership, devotion to Mustang enthusiasm, and development of project cars is making the coming years very exciting.  Sponsors that wish to join our journey are encouraged to contact us and make arrangements to get your product and name to the track.



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